How To Implement A GDPR Solution

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In the European Union, all data and information systems must meet the stipulations and standards of the General Data Protection Regulation. The new laws require businesses operating in Europe to utilize more complex strategies for protecting personal data. A local vendor can provide a GDPR solution that helps companies become compliant with the laws.

Access All Known Data Sources

All business owners must access all their data sources. An audit of all the data sources must be completed to determine what type of data is stored and how it is used in the company infrastructure. Next, the risk of exposure of private data is evaluated. The company owners must begin their compliance efforts by learning where personal data could go throughout the entire infrastructure.

Utilize Software to Categorize and Catalog the Data

Once the sources are identified, the information must be categorized and catalog according to its type. The auditor will parse the data and identify patterns in which the data could emerge into new areas of the network. Standards are implemented according to the stipulations of the new regulations.

Creating Company Policies and Enforcing Them

The business owner must define new privacy rules in regard to personally identifiable information and how it is managed. The rules must be added to policies that are enforced by the company owner. The new rules define how data is used and accessed through the information systems and how it is shared. A new model is needed to show workers how to keep data where it belongs and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The auditor can explain how data lineage is established and practices for controlling data.

Data Inventory and Governance Models

The new model is used to protect data and points of access. Under the new regulation, the business owner can use specific strategies for protecting data. The methods include pseudonymization, encryption, and anonymization. Once the methods are used according to the law, the data auditor must continue to audit all data systems on a regular basis.

In the European Union, all companies must comply with the GDPR or face hefty fines. The regulation outlines the steps that each owner must follow to ensure compliance. The steps include hiring a data protection auditor to evaluate the data regularly. Company owners who need more information can contact a vendor now.